A #DoubleDogDareYa Harly Challenge

February 06, 2017

A    #DoubleDogDareYa   Harly Challenge

First of all, thanks for stopping by for our first "Harly Moments" Blog Post.  

If you've had a chance to look around our site, you will see that Harly is very inclusive.  We are inspired by all of the unique, original Bros that live their life their own way. And we hope that we can provide products that support the inspired moments that you live.   All of our products are Made in the USA.

Part of our philosophy at Harly Co., is a Bro's right to wear his hair the way he likes. Short Hair, Long Hair, Manbun or not.   Recently, our focus on this right, drew us into the internet fight to save Actor Milo Ventimiglia's Manbun.  Maybe it wasn't our place to join in, but sometimes a bro has to do what a bro has to do.  

And we pulled out every Bro trick we knew . . . including the Bonafide #DoubleDogDareYa.


Here's how it went down: 

  • Red Robin Challenged Milo to Cut His Manbun before the Golden Globes and they would gift $20,000 to a Charity of his choice. (see Red Robin's Press Release here) (#LoseTheBun)
  • Harly Co. couldn't stand by and watch the senseless sacrifice of Milo's Manbun, so...
  • Harly Co. Challenged Red Robin to Gift the Money AND Save Milo's Bun too  (see Harly Co.'s Press Release Here) (#SaveTheBun)
  • The Tweets were flying back and forth! (See some of them below)
  • The Internet took notice (see Webarticle here)
  • In the end, we're not exactly sure how much our role played in the final decision..
  • But . . . just sayin' . . . Milo still has his long hair . . . which really says it all.
  • Harlyism:   To bun or not to bun is a sacred Bro's right : ) 

Some of the Tweets (@HarlyCo):

HarlyCo - #SaveTheBun #LoseTheBun Tweet1

HarlyCo #SaveTheBun #LoseTheBun Challenge Tweet2

HarlyCo - #SaveTheBun #LoseTheBun Tweet3


C Ya again soon . . . . 


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